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3 Ways Real Estate Investing and Dancing are Similar

Real estate investing has proven to be one of the most reliable and time-tested ways to grow wealth. Similarly dancing has been around for ages. Dancing and real estate are not that different in fact. At the base, they are very much alike. In this article we discuss 3 ways that real estate investing and dancing are similar.

Anyone can do it

You’ve probably heard it before or said it yourself: “I have two left feet,” “I can’t dance,” “no really I can’t dance.” So you may not have come from a family of dancers, been born with the genetic traits for great rhythm or took professional lessons to learn the perfect form but the reality is dancing is a physical expression of an internal feeling created when you hear a song. Anyone can do it.

When it comes to real estate many people think the same that they need to come from a wealthy family or have a PhD to invest in real estate. The truth is in today’s market the barriers of entry are low and knowledge is freely available. With REITS, ETFs, crowdfunding real estate sites and strategies such as wholesaling there are many strategies that allow you to invest in real estate with either low or no money down. Numerous books and online resources such as articles and videos are at your fingertips. You can get overwhelmed with educational resources from a quick google search. Now more than ever, real estate is not an investment asset class reserved specifically for a select group in society to invest in; anyone can do it.