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How To Get Started Investing In Real Estate Now With Little Money

So you have heard stories of acquaintances who have struck it rich or retired investing in real estate. You have also seen skyrocketing housing prices. Whatever it may be, your interest in real estate has been peaked and now you want to get started.

There’s only one problem, however.

You have no money.

Oops. What now?

It’s not the end of the world. There are many ways to get started in real estate with little or no money. You can employ the strategies discussed in this article and in time change your

financial situation.

Invest In Real Estate Stocks Or Real Estate Crowd Funding

There are many different ways to get started investing in real estate with little money. If you are looking to invest passively in commercial multifamily real estate and do not have significant discretionary income or savings, you are not out of luck. Investing in stocks of real estate related companies (such as home builders, brokerages etc.) will provide you indirect exposure to real estate. For those that are more familiar with the stock market this may be the easiest and cheapest way to invest in real estate.

To get more direct exposure to real estate you can invest in REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) stocks. These are companies that are in business solely for the reason of investing in real estate. As a holder of this company’s stock, you get many of the benefits of investing directly in real estate with the feel of a listed equity stock.

If the public stock market is not your thing and you want more direct ownership and benefits of investing in r