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The Passive Investor Syndication Roadmap


Real estate syndications are one of the best kept secrets in real estate investing as a vast number of great opportunities come via private investor networks. If you are a beginner at real estate investing or you’ve never invested in a real estate syndication you may be wondering – “So how exactly does a real estate syndication work?” “What are the steps I need to follow and what should I expect at each step of a real estate syndication?”

Well, investing in real estate syndications start long before you ever hear about a great opportunity to invest in. In this article we provide a step by step detailed timeline of what it is like to invest in a real estate syndication and what you should expect each step of the way.

You should expect to go through the following steps as a passive investor looking to invest in a real estate syndication:

  1. Decide

  2. Prepare

  3. Identify

  4. Commit

  5. Make It Official

  6. Invest

  7. Sit Back, Relax and Get Paid


Investing passively in a real estate syndication can be an investment