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The Real Estate Round Up - Top Articles from 2020

Saying 2020 was a wild year may be an understatement.

I’m sure there were few if any who could say on January 1st, 2020 that they predicted what would unfold over the next 365 days. As surprising and unpredictable as the year was, we kept attuned to the ever-changing landscape and continued to provide the most applicable content for our members.

If you didn’t catch these articles before then this may be a good primer as you prepare for 2021.

Below we have created a roundup of the top articles that our readers dug into during this past year.

Overall Syndication Life Cycle Explained: Readers were interested in syndications, especially understanding how the life cycle of a syndication investment opportunity worked. If you are new to investing in multifamily apartments or have recently invested in a syndication deal and want to know what to expect you should check out this article.

Should I Invest As a Joint Venture Partner?: When readers weren’t looking into syndications they were considering the pros and cons of joint ventures. If you are still on the edge of doing a syndication but are considering partnering with other investors, then you may find value in this article.

7 Reasons To Invest In Multifamily Apartments: Multifamily has shown itself to be one of the better asset classes to invest in even in the midst of the pandemic of 2020. Many of the benefits of investing in multifamily discussed in this article became even more apparent this past year. If you have not considered multifamily or want a deeper understanding of multifamily investing, then this article may be for you.

The Actively Passive Investors: InvestUp! is an investment club for both passive and active real estate investors. For most people they will navigate their investing career as either a passive investor or an active investor. There are other investors who will straddle the line of both categories. If you are unsure if you want to be a passive or active investor or want to get the best of both worlds, then understanding the life of an actively passive investor may help you in that goal.

Why You Shouldn’t Passively Invest In A Syndication: Investing in a syndication is a great opportunity to build wealth for you and your family however passive investing is not for everyone. This past year readers took precaution and educated themselves on why they shouldn’t invest so they had a full and balanced view of investing in real estate syndications.

Top Tips For New Active And Passive Investors In A COVID Impacted Economy: You can’t speak about the year that was 2020 without mentioning the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Readers were tuned in this past year to understand how they could start or bolster their investing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As the virus is not yet behind us these tips still hold true and can provide value as you look to invest in 2021.

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