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The Real Estate Round Up - Top Articles from 2021

2021 was a follow up to the undeniably wild year that was 2020.

There were big shoes to fill; with all the volatility, “firsts”, and break throughs in 2021, the year did not disappoint. We continued to take cues from our members and the wider market to provide salient articles, events, trainings and more. 2021 may not have progressed in the way expected on January 1st but by December 31st there was plenty to write home about.

As things started to return closer back to “normal” (as normal could be defined in the current pandemic) investing activity took off and many of those that were on the sidelines during 2021 were able to get back in the game or take their first steps on the field.

If you didn’t catch these articles before then this may be a good primer as you prepare for 2022.

Below we have created a round-up of the top articles that our readers dug into during this past year.


  • How Do They Stack Up? REITs vs Syndication: As asset values in the stock market took a rise many readers came to our blog looking to invest in real estate. Many of you previously had experience in investing in stocks but wanted to better understand the shift to investing in a physical asset like real estate. This article helped those that want exposure to real estate better understand what path they should take – real estate stocks or real estate hard assets?

  • Profit From Inflation With Real Estate Investing: Inflation was a buzz word in 2021. You could not turn on the news without hearing about the record-breaking inflation we faced each month. Investors like yourself tuned in to understand why this inflation may not be such a bad thing if you are invested in real estate.

  • 5 Steps to Becoming the Best Passive investor: Passive investors flooded to the markets to get some of the best returns seen in years. It’s not easy however to start your first investment. This article helped those that were taking their first dive into passive investing in multifamily apartment real estate.

  • Syndication vs DIY: With a lot of free time gained from quarantines, lock downs and work from home schedules, many people had more time on their hands for “Do It Yourself” projects. When it comes to investing however maybe the DIY route isn’t the best approach?

  • Turnover: The True Cost: Eviction moratoriums were widespread in the last year. As investors eventually were able to get their units vacant, they had the reckoning of the costs of turn over. All of you that read this article were well prepared to improve your real estate investing operations and eliminate or reduce the sometimes-unseen costs of turn over.

  • When Will I Get My Money Back If I Invest In A Real Estate Syndication?: If you were one of the passive investors getting started out and learning the steps to become the best passive investor. One of the questions that probably came up was how long it would take to get a return of your money. This article helped clear the air on that question.

  • The Truth About Buying a Home Vs an Investment: Readers were considering the pros and cons of buying a home versus making an investment. As many people become first time home buyers over the last year, many people also jumped into the real estate market for the first time. If you are wavering between the two sides of this decision maybe this article is for you.

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