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The Real Estate Round Up - Top Articles from 2023

2023 was a year of almost. Investors who have waded through the seas of uncertainty over the last couple of years were hoping for a sign of stability. Perhaps the light of a new morning began to show itself in the last few months of the year as the Federal reserve continued to pause rate increases and indicated potential near term rate decreases (if deemed necessary).

Wars, elections, (maybe even aliens?) and more will add to the story of 2024. Each year brings new excitement and challenges, and it will make for some great investing.

If you didn’t catch these articles before then this may be a good primer as you prepare for 2024.

Below we have created a roundup of the top articles that our readers dug into during this past year.


  1. Get Paid To Take Vacations Using Real Estate: Investors were not only looking for rest and relaxation in 2023 they wanted to see how their real estate investments could help. If you have some ambitious travel plans in 2024 then this article may be for you. Look at this quick read before you book your tickets!

  2. Your Freedom Number Is Overrated: The start of a new year is a great time to reflect and think about the achievements of the past year and goals for the coming year. Based readers interest they took time to re-evaluate their “freedom numbers.”

  3. Why Investors Should Love Multifamily Real Estate Investing: Love was in the air this year. Despite all the drama that occurred in the commercial real estate investing space, there was still love for multifamily. Cupid may have a few arrows left for you.

  4. What Documents Are Needed for Real Estate Syndication?: Investors were trying to get themselves educated on what it takes to complete a syndication, legally. This year we saw readers dig into the finer nuances and mechanics of what exactly do you need to complete a syndication. Specifically which legal documents are reviewed and signed. If you are thinking about leading or investing in a syndication this is a great article to get started with.

  5. How To Get Started As A Passive Real Estate investor In Uncertain Markets: Starting fresh this last year was not easy, but many new individuals got bit by the real estate investing bug. They flocked to this article to get a better understanding of how to start investing in today’s markets.


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