The Right Way To Start Investing In Real Estate (Part 1 of 2)

What is the first question a cab driver asks you when you get in the car?

Ok, after they ask how your day was. I’m sure you all don’t get into a deep engaging conversation as the driver pulls off aimlessly. Before the driver pulls off, maybe before you even get in the car, the driver will ask “where are you going?”

How about when you sit down at a restaurant. Have you ever sat down and had a waiter immediately bring you out desert and coffee? Probably not. Before the waiter serves you an item on the menu they ask “what do you want?”

Every day in life we are faced with these situations that make it clear the importance of having a goal before you execute if you want success. The driver cannot help you achieve your goal of getting to a destination if you don’t even know the destination. The chef can’t cook the right meal, nor the waiter bring you the right meal without the end goal of what you want to eat. Without a goal we end up no-where or somewhere we do not want to be.

That is why the first and most important thing you should do before taking on any venture, including real estate investing, is to clarify and set your goals.

Two Reasons Why You Should Set Goals

Goals provide direction – Just as we saw with the taxi driver, you literally don’t know where to go or where you are going until you have a clear goal. The driver could drive all day and the chef cook all evening without you getting to a place or meal that fit your needs.

Goals keep you focused so you can manage your energy When you have a goal it is easier to say no to things that are not aligned with your goal and you will be able to move more quickly to take action on the items that are aligned to your goal. When your goals are clearly known, you won’t waste time chasing things that don’t help push you towards your goals. This leaves you with more time and energy to focus on those things that will help you achieve your end desire. Imagine you spent a whole day driving around the city when really all you wanted to do was visit a friend down the s