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Three Mindset Shifts That Move Mountains

Some real estate investors are successful from the very beginning. Their first deal is a home run. Their life changes seemingly overnight and it’s as if they have the golden touch. That wasn’t me.

I stumbled, I fell, I scratched my knees then got back up and kept going. It was as if I was trying to summit a perilous mountain.

My first few deals consumed weeks and months of my time not to mention hard earned money that I would never get back. They all seemed to fall apart until one finally fell into place. What changed most between the first deal and that deal was my mindset.

Shifting my mindset allowed me to move a mountain that before seemed insurmountable. That same year I doubled my portfolio and the revenue it generated. If you are where I was then you may benefit from making these mindset shifts as well.

Adopt an abundance mindset

Do you feel that the world is full of opportunity, that there is enough to go around? If not, you may have a scarcity mindset. This means, you believe there is a limit to opportunities, resources and indirectly to your own success.

There was a point when I thought “there are no good deals” and when I found a potential “good deal” it would be my only opportunity. I would get tied into one of these elusive “good deals” and invariably a better deal would come along.

Because I had already invested time and money into my “good deal” I wanted to see it through. Even when things seemed futile, I would not move on. At one point I was tied up in a “good deal” for the greater part of a year. It ultimately fell through.