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Common Misconceptions About Investing In Multifamily Apartments

Multifamily has historically been a popular alternative investment vehicle for decades. The wealthy have long known the benefits of investing in multifamily apartments and the generational impact that it can have on wealth building and preservation.

Unfortunately, many misconceptions have prevented the average person from enjoying these same benefits, as real estate investing (especially commercial assets like multifamily buildings) seem out of reach. There is a lot of talk and publicity about investing in the stock market but alternative investments, relative to stocks, are not as frequently publicized. So not only is there a perceived lack of access to these investments but there is also a gap in knowledge about opportunities to invest in real estate.

These misconceptions may be the same ones stopping you and others you know from potentially experiencing and enjoying the life changing benefits that come from successfully investing in real estate.

In this article we will clarify some of these common misconceptions.

It cost too much! You need to be extremely wealthy to buy a large multifamily building

For many people, their real estate experience and understanding is only limited to the purchase of a single-family home as a primary residence.

The purchase of a single-family home is often one of the largest purchases a person makes in their life and requires a significant sum of money. It is understandable that someone may think “how can I afford a multifamily apartment investment, if I could barely by my single-family home?”

The idea that it costs too much to invest in a multifamily apartment is largely based on the fact that people assume you have to do it yourself. The reality is that via