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What Are The Roles In A Real Estate Syndication?

Primer On What Is Real Estate Syndication

A real estate syndication is a pooling of assets, skills and other resources used to purchase a larger asset that individually each member of the syndication would not be able do on their own. Syndications allow investors to access the benefits large multifamily investments and the passive income that comes from these investments. Syndications operate in many forms outside of real estate, these may include individuals uniting to complete the purchase of a sports team or banks uniting to issue a large loan.

Roles in A Syndication

Doing a syndication is not an easy feat by any means. It takes a full team of individuals to complete a syndication. If one of the players of the syndication does not play their part, it could mean trouble for the success of the syndication. Each person has a varied level of involvement, some may be involved for the entire deal while others only do certain specific tasks at a point during the deal life cycle.