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What To Expect After Investing In A Real Estate Syndication?

You’ve finally done it.

You wired a $50,000 lump sum payment to invest in your first syndication. After months of teetering on the sideline and going back and forth you finally found a deal and a deal sponsor that you are excited to invest with.

But what happens now?

What should you expect after making an investment in a real estate syndication?

If this sounds like you, or maybe you are still on the sideline watching the action and thinking about stepping onto the playing field, then this article is just for you.

Before we can get to what happens after making an investment – how did we get to this point? For those that are new we will jump into a quick primer on syndications and what happens before you ultimately made the decision to invest.

There are many things that happen after you invest in a real estate syndication depending on what role and part you play in the syndication. We will primarily focus on the perspective of a passive investor in a multifamily apartment real estate syndication.


What is real estate syndication?

If you are new to real estate investing in general and syndications specifically you may be wondering – what in the world is a syndication? To put it plainly, a syndication occurs when a group of investors come together to pool assets (such as money) and skills (such as investing and asset management) to be able to purchase large investments (such as a multifamily investment property) that will create a financial benefit for all the investors involved.

Syndications can be an investment vehicle used to purchase multifamily apartments, office, storage, mobile home parks and any other type of real estate investment you can think of.